How Different Personalities Handle Stress

How Different Personalities Handle Stress

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You’re driving home from work when you realize that you forgot your phone in the office. You think about turning around immediately because you’ve been waiting on an important phone call. Just then you remember that you have to be home in little to no time to sign for a very important package being delivered to your front door. You have a decision to make, but how do you decide when you’re in such a binding situation?

We’ve all been there before, and it probably won’t be the last time. The stress of a situation in which all outcomes seem to put you at a loss. Take a moment to think about what part of the spectrum you fall on in regard to how you handle your stress. It’s a make it or break it kind of moment when you either step back and have a melt down, or kick things into high gear and find a way to keep moving forward. A few members of the herd shared how they deal with the stress of seemingly unsolvable problems.

The Resilient One

“Put on gangster rap and handle it” says Candace Ramirez. When she’s feeling the stress, she copes by pushing through with a little tune to give her the motivation she needs.

The Zen One

“Walk around the office and enjoy the plants and flowers, people watch padres stadium, cold brew!” says Dane Ellenbogen. Stressful situations are no match for his calm state of mind. When he feels things are getting a bit out of hand he likes  to take a moment for himself to regather his thoughts.


The Encouraged One

“I can always turn to my co-workers for a few words of encouragement, a helping hand on a project, or simply to put things in perspective. A little pep-talk can go a long way!” says Kelli Duggan. She finds comfort in remembering that she has a support system in any direction she turns.

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